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We are committed to bringing you the very best coffee experience regardless of your brewing method. To achieve this we have developed our own proprietary “fluid air” roasting technology. More on that later. But first you can only get a great tasting coffee if you start with the very best green coffee beans.

We buy only the very best coffee beans

Our green coffee beans are sourced from small individual farmers or from small area collectives. We know the precise origin of the beans we are buying. We put this information on our packet labels or print that information on the side of our K-Cups®. We also only buy beans with high cupping scores. The beans must score 85 or higher for us to consider buying them. This is true of all the coffees we offer on our website. Sometimes the lot sizes are very small, perhaps just a few bags. These coffees are special and have a compelling story to tell. We refer to these batches as “Microlots. They are the “cream of the crop” and are gone from our site very quickly. To ensure you too can appreciate these unique offerings we have created a special microlot mail list. You can join the club here, it free.

The Roasting Process

Large commercial rosters can take a long time to roast a batch a green beans. During that time many of the important organic compounds are “cooked” off. Moreover, to develop the full potential of a coffee it needs to go through several stages of development during the roast. The key stages are:

We buy only the very best coffee beans

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