Craft Roasted to Order

“Crafted roasted” is a phrase that you hear often from artisanal roasters, but what does it really mean. The big challenge in delivering a really good fresh cup of coffee is not letting it age too long. When we say long, we are not talking days, but hours or even less. This is the “order” piece, but as we shall see there is much more to this part of the story. What about the “craft” piece?

Coffee beans are a rather complex animal with a lot of chemistry going on during the roasting process. Most commercial roasters have settled on the idea that a good full flavored cupper comes from dark or French roasts. These oily beans delivery a flavor profile that is more about the roasting method than about the coffee itself. As such you can roast not so good beans and have them conform to this well marketed flavor standard.

Craft roasting it therefore about getting the best flavor from a particular coffee bean. That could mean that the coffee is best roasted light, medium, dark or anywhere in between. Some specific coffee beans can be both roasted lighter for a breakfast cup, or darker for a great single origin espresso. You will see these in our store and it is fun to compare.