The Best Coffee Beans

It's fair to say that most coffee today is traded as a commodity, much like wheat or corn. This implies that it all tastes pretty much the same, and that it's the different brands of coffee roasters who create the flavor characteristics we most recognize and enjoy. But coffee is really more like wine, where the cultivar, growing location and weather play a definitive role in the wine we get to enjoy. We feel it is time to start valuing coffee much like we value wine. Our mission is to find and bring to you the very best tasting coffees from around the world, and to reward the grower of that coffee via direct fair trade or farm gate pricing when every possible.

A great cup of coffee starts with great coffee beans. Rare flavors, rarer availability! Our coffees mostly score better than 85 points, and are in the top few percent of all coffee sold worldwide. These single origin coffees are mostly sourced from small farms and microlots managed by individual farmers. Ripe cherries are hand picked to ensure the highest quality beans. We offer coffee from the best growing areas in Africa, Arabia, Central and South America, India, and Asia Pacific.

Our main goal is to bring out the intrisic characteristics of the green coffee bean, and to get out of the way as mush as possible. We craft roast each coffee to bring out its full potential character. Some coffees can be roasted to several different levels to create light, medium or dark roasts for excitingly different flavors. Some make outstanding single origin espresso. The freshly roasted coffee is then packed immediately before the volatile flavors can disappear. In addition to whole bean, we offer pre-ground coffee for different brewing methods like pour over (Chemex and Hario drippers), French press pot, Aeropress, etc. These brewing methods require that the beans are ground in a way that does not produce too much powder. Our small custom roller mill grinder ensures that you get the proper extraction for each different brewing methods without bitterness.