Ultimate in Freshness

We mentioned earlier that once roasted, coffee starts aging immediately. A high portion of the volatile chemicals that give coffee its unique aroma and taste may be gone in just a few hours of being left exposed to the oxygen in the air. We should note that whole bean coffee stays fresher many times longer than ground coffee. To over come this problem we package our coffee without delay in bags filled with an inert gas: Nitrogen. The Nitrogen displaces the oxygen in the bag or packet and ensures that the coffee stays as fresh as it was right after roasting.

Coffee going stale quickly is a very much bigger problem if ground. For this reason we offer our coffee in single serve coffee packs. One style of pack is designed for use in a French press pot, and the other for use in refillable k-cups®. These packs contain coffee that has been precision ground for this style of brewing. They ensure that the right level of extraction is achieved to give the most flavorful cup of coffee. Over extraction may cause unwanted in the up.